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In case you missed our recent series "Stories" Here are the videos from each service. Below are 4 testimonies from real ...
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What People Are Saying:

“The place to find friends, family, and love. A church that thinks outside of the box while holding true to scripture.”

Melinda Maier Media Director

I dreaded my first morning heading into Watts Bar Church, but as I sat there, God showed me that I didn’t have to fight my battles alone. God had a plan and it was for me to hear His message that day. #ThisIsMyChurch

Tripp Geiger Media Director

“They are ALWAYS thinking outside the box when it comes to presenting Jesus to people”

Michael Frontiera Member

“Freaks are welcome?! Finally a church where I can feel at home!”

“Raddest church ever! I wouldn’t want to go anywhere else”

Daniel Kelly Member

“It’s not just a church for me. It’s a family that accepts me and loves me and stands by me flaws and all. They have my back and I have theirs.”

Bob Koerber Worship Arts Pastor

“We’re all just one big, jacked-up family, trying to follow Jesus”

Kelly Goins Senior Pastor